Company policy

Quality and Safety Policy

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve the customer with swift and concrete answers, whilst offering excellent value for money thanks to industrial innovation.

The Customer

The customer is at the centre of all our projects. We aim to ensure that utilising our products is always a rewarding experience and contributes to improving one's quality of life.

Our Staff

For Forma Cucine, our staff is the most important resource. We want to improve each person's well-being whilst safeguarding their health and safety, promoting the formation of a work environment able to stimulate participation and involvement.

To this end, an active management of health and safety is applied, aimed at:

  • the prevention of occupational diseases;
  • a reduction in accidents and injuries;
  • identification and fulfilment of legal and all other requirements.


Forma Cucine si impegna al rispetto della legislazione vigente in materia di qualità, salute e sicurezza sul lavoro e la sua Direzione si propone di diffondere ai propri Partner (Distributori e Fornitori) e di rendere disponibili al pubblico, i seguenti impegni:

  • Health and safety are considered essential for our entire staff, along with Third parties, Contractors and Subcontractors, in accordance with their duties and skills;
  • all Workers are trained, kept informed and made aware of how to carry out their duties safely;
  • the entire corporate structure is involved, in line with each person's powers and skills, in achieving the assigned quality and safety objectives;
  • the education, information and training on risks within the company are conducted and disseminated to all Workers, with specific information on the basis of the job performed;
  • the company promotes cooperation between the various company resources, collaboration with appointed external bodies, and the respect of all
  • the needs and expectations of all interested parties are taken into account;
  • an approach based on the assessment of risks and opportunities is adopted.

Finally, the Management undertakes to conduct an annual review of the Management System, with a view to continuously improving its effectiveness.

General Management and Employer
Stefano Marchesin